The World’s First Robotic Flight Forming Machine

Gone are the days of companies relying on operators with decades of flight knowledge, long setup times, manually adjusting bulky and costly tooling.

RoboHelix technology has captivated the attention of the world with such a huge leap in innovation.

This disruptive technology has made all traditional methods obsolete. Traditional methods involve platens, dies, die plates to “deform” the material. Traditional machines often use hydraulics with the operator's hands only millimetres away from rapidly reciprocating jaws. This highly unsafe method has caused multiple injuries across the industry and has called for companies to seek safer alternatives.

Unfortunately, no alternative was possible until RoboHelix technology hit the global market.

The RoboHelix technology provided the global flight manufacturing industry with an automated solution. This solution increases production rate, lowers production cost and is completely safe.

One manufacturer describing it simply as “putting a blank into a box, and pulling out a flight”.